Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Travel Knitting

Travel went well because I utilized the Delta Airlines wheelchair services!  The people knew what they were doing, were so friendly and helpful.  I arrived in tip top shape because of the better care of my body this time!  Phew!  I cast on as soon as I sat down on the plane and accomplished this much today-very fun!

So nice to be at my parents-I even had enough oomph to take a yard tour and see all the flowers!  Wonderful.


  1. Glad the trip was easier...live and learn!

    Why is the shawl called the "Geology Shawl", do you know?

  2. So glad you're doing so well! I can't say I was at all pleased with our plane trip to North Dakota last month. The only good thing about it was they didn't lose our suite cases. I would have posted pictures but I left my camera in North Dakota and waiting for my sister to send it.


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