Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekend Bang

What a wonderful treat arrived in the mail....
Deb of Araignee's Tangled Web very generously shared some of her latest soaping products.
In only a year, she has exploded in her saponification talents.  I can't wait to try these incredible bars of soap and the lotion bar.
Even her wrapping is a visual delight.
Thank You!!! 
This is one of the sand roads leading to my parent's home just two miles from mine.
Very Thoreau-ish! 
There was plenty of smiles when this family comes for a visit!
The baby surprise jacket fit her perfectly....I forgot to photograph her but I will catch one soon! 
The Orchid trees are all abloom.  These trees are 20-30' tall and filled with these flowers that do not survive in a enjoys them on the branch only!
This is my orchid (phalaenopsis)  so you can see why the tree gets the name Orchid tree!


  1. I'd love to live where the roads are sand and the nights are quiet of civilization noises!

    Your orchid is beautiful. I have three in bloom right now. Have to love the spring!

  2. This post is just filled with very nice things which all bring smiles -- how nice! Where is the orchid tree?

  3. Who knew that your blog post about making soap would become an obsession? I could spend all day in the tub playing with soap!

  4. her soaps are wonderful!
    The swimming images look full of laughter!

  5. Her soaps are amazing and I agree with you, even her beautiful packaging is a visual delight. Of course the jacket fit, as if there were any doubt! The fact that the flowers do not last off the branch make the Orchid tree that much more special.

  6. lovely surprise package:) and you have visits to the pool and orchids - we have snowdrops instead:) ok, I admit, we also have daffodils by now - slowly warming up, but not usually to pool temps:)

  7. Such beautiful flowers and a great surprise package!


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