Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In Living Color

Inside and out, there are blooms galore.
I love to see color no matter where I look! 
This is a true daylily because it blooms for only ONE day and then it's gone.  You have to look a lot that one day! 
This is a tiger lily;  it blooms for days and then as it dies, another one will be ready!  I have a ton of blooms on several plants....so visually pleasing! 
This is my neighbor, Millie's lifesaver cactus.  I have several plants from her but mine aren't blooming right now, I have to visit hers!  
She gave me a baby from this plant-we don't know the name but it is some succulent and I look forward to seeing mine bloom next year! 
My Cereus is getting ready to do its thing....soon!  I am checking it every night so I don't miss it! 
And I am still watching this guy every day.  This is him at warp speed.  Always.  At least in the pool he is contained!   
I love to look at the stars, and every time I am emailed to see a space station sighting, I run outside and find it!  You have to look dead center for the little light, it is just one of those things I love.


  1. I love violets. Mine are blooming at the moment. I have never seen a life saver cactus. My peonies are blooming outside. I love to see plants blooming,

  2. Oh my goodness! I need to get one of those Lifesaver Cacti. The flowers are so cute!!!

    My Day lilies aren't even near ready to bloom yet, but I did see one white iris while I was mowing.

  3. That lifesaver cactus is so cool! I've never seen something like that. Thanks for sharing all of your pretty color.

  4. I love African Violets. They remind me of my grandmother who always had a windowsill full of them in bloom. As for those other plants-yowza! They are amazing!
    I am not sure how you are hanging in there with the Little One. A few hours with the Grands wears me out!

  5. Such pretty and interesting flowers! I've never seen a day lily like that. And, I've never seen that life saver plant. Wow!

  6. Love the action shot of the little. ha! He's very fast!

    That lifesaver cactus doesn't even look real! How cool is that?

  7. That lifesavor cactus is really interesting. You have some beautiful plants. :-)

  8. Such lovely flowers! We have some mystery plants in our new backyard with really pretty purple flowers.


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