Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crazy Week....

 When you are gone almost every is hard to find time to post!
I have done a little knitting on kitty #2, this one for E named Wylie.
 Slow mornings look like this.....playdough after breakfast!
 It's something we all enjoy!
I Oh! and Ah! while catching up on my laptop between them.
 I finished the rest of the blocks I started on Monday's sewing time and it took all week for the layout to grow on me.
I am using up scraps, I remind myself.
 Bill cut down a tree while E was sleeping so I could be out there to help.
 Timber we sang!
 First a bit of play....
 ...and then some work.
Grandpa cut it up while we loaded up the brush on the tractor.
 Time to go and dump it all!
If I really want to creep out Will,  all I have to do is wave this disembodied head!
It makes him half squeal and half dry heave! lol

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


A pair of socks.
Completed one stitch at a time, 
one minute at a time
 for hours.
Mental health every stitch of the way!
Toe up socks on 2.5mm needles over 56 stitches.
Women's size 8
An old skein and half of KnitPicks superwash in the Paradise colorway

Monday, May 22, 2017

Snippets of Life

 Little Nemo is now styling in his new pair of shorts!
"No shirt required!" says the lord of the manor.
 I am cranking out a pair of socks;  
it is a dream to just knit round in circles
 instead of just running like that!
 Caleb and Cassandra came to give some cousin time Saturday.
Will and Ella cried and cried to have to say goodbye.
I know the feeling!
 I moved my African Violet outside to the plant stand on the porch.
I worried it wouldn't be happy.
Boy, am I glad to be wrong-this plant has never been so prolific!
(I started this one from a leaf so we are bonded! lol)
 The wrens build nests in a dozen of my porch plants but never DO anything with the piles of sticks.
Until this year!
I went to water the plant a few weeks ago and had the mother fly into my face!
I checked it out and could feel four eggs.
And look at the four little babies!
Both parents are flying in and out all day trying to keep up with their demands.
I feel a kinship to their activities!

Saturday, May 20, 2017


 Meet 'Nemo' the cat.
Will has a cat named this and since they are both orange, 
he stuck with this name.
I will make another for Ethan at least.
It wasn't a horrible knit to make all the pieces 
and I think the second one will go more quickly.
 I did not like all the seaming....
I might try knitting in the round and see what happens.
But it is a very well written pattern 
and I could see what needed to be done each step of the way!
 After I looked at the first blog pic of the two Hunter Star squares, 
I could see I pieced the second block wrong-it was in the reverse.
I ripped it out and finished the other two blocks!
Now you can see the secondary pattern these blocks create.
Since there is no more fabric in the stash,
 I have chosen some similar prints and will make a small medallion quilt 
out of this central theme.  
More to come.
 I pieced all the squares together for this little lap quilt-
see how pretty the kitty blocks are?!
 Happy me;  Millie brought over a finished top for quilting!
The frame is so much happier with a quilt on board.
I will be using a pantograph to finish this one.
And since the needles were empty....I cast on a sock to clear the palate!
It was like coming home after a long trip........!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Releasing the Color!

 It's that time of year when the new fruit are starting on the prickly pear cactus
 so I harvest last year's fruit!
 I give them a good drive through the food processor-not too fine
but enough to release all the soft insides from the heavy skin!
 I put the slurry into the big pickling jar and add a bit of water.
I give it a good stir and then take it outside.... it can ferment for a week!
(I am making a prickly pear cactus dye pot
so next week I will be dyeing some yarn or roving for spinning!)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Hampshire Sheep Breed

 This little sample skein 
came off the wheel recently.
It is part of my Down Breed study, Hampshire wool.
 I purchased this as roving from Dyed in the Wool.
 It was a nice wool for long draw so the yarn is woolen spun.
It is springy and sweet.
I like the sample in natural.
I will be spinning the other 3.5 oz in color.
On to the dye pot next!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A bit of Piecing!

 I went off the the quilting group on Monday and managed to
piece a new Accuquilt die, Hunter Star.
I've had the die a long time,
  just haven't been able to find the time to sew them!
The blocks are pretty alone but looks what happens when you sew them together!
This will be another lap quilt!
 I played with a charm pack on the design wall
during nap time.
What do you think!
Nice blend of pretty and modern prints by
Moda called Meow or Never!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bit by Bit!

 The head is complete for the first kitten!
The body is knit but waiting for its appendages before I do the stuffing.
And for good, country fun Grandpa got his tractor stuck so we were watching him try to shovel his way out.
It didn't work;  he had to call our neighbor for help!

(It is still so dry here so technically the tractor isn't stuck,   instead Bill has the tractor wedged in the ditch he dredged a long time ago while trying today to extend the opening into what used to be a large pond!)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Snatches of Time

 Snatches of time has resulted in borders on the wildly colored star quilt.
I have nothing to back it with so this will have to be shelved until
I get to JoAnns to purchase the fabric. 
It was a nice experiment in color!
 One preemie hat finished, several more to go.
It's a quick knit, uses up small amounts of yarn that would otherwise
be useless and goes to a good cause.
What's not to be excited about?!
This is the yarn I picked up at Hobby Lobby on Friday.
It is DK weight and very soft but has enough structure to make the stuffed toy.
I saw another skein I loved for a grey cat but I thought I better see if I liked doing this or it ends up in the burn pile.....
Little pieces but cute results.  I finished these in bed last night and wasn't near the stuffing needed for the head orthe accent colors for making the face,
 so I will tackle them later.
 I am following my 'first time with this pattern' motto-
follow directions exactly the first time.
And then note areas where you might want to make changes for the next one.
These parts are all knit flat and seamed so that is different than my usual preferences.
New doesn't have to be so bad.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Thank you to my Mom who is still creating with fabric and yarn.
She made a pillow and taught her grand daughter, who is also her neighbor,
 how to make one also!
I love you, Mom!
(Thank you , Alicia, for sharing the photos so I can be connected!)

Friday, May 12, 2017


 When you live in rural Florida, you teach children to run away from every sighted snake and call for help.
Will was playing the other day and did just that.
 The snake in question was 36-40" long.
It was an Indigo Racer which is a beneficial snake to have around 
since it eats other snakes and rodents.
We enjoyed watching it for a while and then it 'raced' under a pile to hide.
 A preemie hat is now on the needles, no fancy stitches this time.
 I have 8 hanging baskets along the front porch.
Every Spring the wrens start several nests in my plants but never finish one and make a huge mess in their indecision.
Well, this time, they have not only finished building one, 
they have even laid eggs in this one!
(I found out quite by accident when watering this plant 
and almost getting hit in the face by the exiting parent!
So I stuck my finger in to see if it was 'ripe'.  
The eggs are not visible but I think once they hatch, 
I will be able to get a cute picture!) 
 In the studio, I am putting the finishing touches on my latest class exercise-
While I work, Will paints at his own easel.
(Ethan is sleeping during this painting session!)
 My next project-it has sat in my wishlist bucket long enough.
We went and bought the yarn today and since we were in the big city; 
We stopped at the water fountain park for some fun!
And savored the 'big' beach.
(St Augustine Pier)

Crazy Week....

 When you are gone almost every is hard to find time to post! I have done a little knitting on kitty #2, this one for E named...