Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wrist Warmer Wools

This is the hand-dyed, hand spun wool yarn I won from Kathy Costello, aka
Knittin' Cacher. It was interesting to think about as I knit this that up-she spun it in AZ, I knit it in FL and I am mailing it to my daughter-in-law who lives in WA-they have already had the temperatures to warrant its use! BTW, said DIL also learned how to knit when she visited me last summer in NY and we continue to share the activity by phone!
Isn't it great fun to have fiber friends!

Hey! I finally figured out how to chart the lace portion of this project!

Here is the directions for the Wrist Warmers-especially for Krystle and Kathy!!

Fingerless Gloves
Size 5 straight needles Worsted weight yarn To fit Ladies medium
CO 40 sts
RIB at Wrist:
K1 p1 for 1 ½ - 2”
*Row 1 of chart is last row of the ribbing on the right side, row 2 is the wrong side of glove*
Continue pattern as directed on chart A ; repeat pattern across for the 40 sts of glove:

K1 p1 for 1 ½ ”
K1 p1 across 16sts, bind off 8 sts, k1 p1 to end of row.
Wrong side row; K1 p1 across 16 sts, co on 8 sts, k1 p1 to end of row.
Continue in k1 p1 for another 1 ½ - 2”.
Loosely bind off all 40 sts.
Cut yarn leaving enough to sew up side seam.
Repeat for second glove.


  1. The colors are beautiful (I shall not comment on the item you chose to make)!

  2. Hey, I am so glad your wrist warmers came out so well! It is funny that you chose that project, as I had knit up some from the same roving for myself. They are much chunkier than yours as the spinning was some of my first. Yours look so nice and smooth.
    I am glad to hear that you are sending them to someone in Washington, as that is where I grew up, north of Seattle. My 3 kids are up there in Everett and Bellingham going to Western WA. It is fabulous that our knitting joins us all! KC knittin' cacher.


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