Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Visit to Autumn

good part
of the last
week with
and family.
Went up to
of GA and visited an annual tradition with them, Burt's Farm.
It is wonderful to be able to go and share a slice of their life.
David is flourishing in homeschool and Abigail has grown so much-she talks in full sentences all the time now and has become quite her own person-and she sings lovely hymns of faith.........
Did some knitting while travelling up and back but mostly enjoyed the ride and held my Tom(cat)...he travels well but doesn't really enjoy it. Bling(cat 2) doesn't enjoy the ride and asks if we are there yet every few minutes! Fifi (dog) is just glad that we didn't forget her! Glad to be home and savor our less colorful but still well-defined change of season here in NE FL.

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  1. Thanks for making the trip up...it was wonderful to have you, as always.

    Cute picture of the cats; Bling really must have been off his game in order to lie down nicely next to Tommy!


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