Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beach Visit

Off for a picnic today-it was overcast but mild (71). We stopped at Montanzas fort for a picnic and the annual tree climb picture-we have pictures of our 4 adult children in this same tree and even some friends that accompanied us through the is an important tree to our family!

The kids took right off for the water at the beach-the water was cold to me at 66 degrees but they plowed right in-jumping waves and squealing-beautiful to behold.

Even Abigail wanted in right away-Marsel had to make a quick scramble to remove hearing aids and she made it just in time-David said not to worry-he had them safely in his sweatshirt pocket! Never a dull moment!

We found that the tide pool was a bit warmer and calmer to play in and we settled round with cameras to catch the smiles. Note my mother's proper foot apparel for on the beach-bare feet give her the willies and on the beach this is especially true!

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