Friday, May 14, 2010


While the men were finishing the painting, (what a job, huh?!) 
I was building some plant dollies.  I cut up some plywood, painted the squares, used some left over hardwood flooring for the top and added the castors to the bottom.  Voila! 
I finished knitting this pair of socks but wasn't happy with the color. 
Into the crockpot and now they look like this!  It is more brick than coral but I am pleased with the results.
I started a pair of socks from the KnitPicks merino and silk skein.  It is coming along beautifully.  (I found a lace pattern from the Knitter's Bible  and it is working up quickly toe up.
When the men left, the cats were allowed back in their pool area-they were so happy to be back.
The accent of the beige around the pool sure makes all the colors pop!
It is even better than I hoped!
I began moving all the pots from the front porch to the pool area.  What a lot of trips!
See my bamboo trellis in his new home?!  We had to go and buy some more potting soil today so there will be some new plants added throughout the next week.
We are having a little problem with Nyki using the potted soil for her litter box.....I have placed HER box in  the middle of the plants to help her get the picture!  We will see.  Hopefully, as I fill in the areas, the newness will wear off for her.
See how well the plant dollies will work-I can move the plant easily for watering or changing locations and no back breaking lugging involved!
The bottle brush tree has a buddy.  They smelled each plant as I brought them in-funny to see their inspections-so serious.  We ended the day with a swim under the lights.........what a reward!


  1. The deck and border for the pool look GREAT! The colors really do set off the pool nicely. Such a lovely retreat right in your own backyard.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!

  3. It's all coming together - what are you going to do when all the renovations are complete? LOL

  4. WOW..the pool looks great!!! Love the color contrast. Your plant rollers are a great idea. Love projects like that.
    You to will survive the drywall We are painting on into the livingroom after all this is we will both be in a mess this fall. All worth it but lots of work.
    Your home is looking amazing..When do you have time to sew and knit????


  5. Just beautiful. We got home yesterdy and our first "guests" were your Mom and Dad--so great to see them. sharon

  6. The pool area looks fantastic, so inviting. I love the plant dollies that's a great idea.

  7. What a lovely area to play in! I love the terra cotta color of the pool deck - it looks like a summer sunset! And the plant dollies are a great idea. But I have to say, I adore that lime green pot!

    Poor Nyki - placing screen material over the pot (and around the plants) might deter her, too.


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