Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I haven't been doing anything blog worthy but didn't mean to go so long without a post!  We have been doing a lot of pool time every afternoon when it is too hot to do much else outside.  It hasn't been hard to do.
I have done some for fun, mindless knitting; circular dishcloths.  Ending the yarn in the center meant there were no ends to weave in, just pick up the last color and knit away.  Turned out pretty, didn't it?!
I also made up some camoflauge dishcloths for the boys.  If you put this over the pile of dirty dishes, will you still be able to see them?
And some lacy ones to wrap around a bar of soap , just to be pretty.
We found the last kitten in the boat finally!  It held out for days eluding our efforts at capture.  It sure is glad to be with his litter mates.  (He hid behind the dryer for a long time but found the mound of buddies and snuggled right!)
I ordered a kit for dishtowels. 
I decided to put on the warp after deciding to wind each color separately.
  Being a rookie does create some problems.  I have always been a do-it-yourselfer and able to learn most skills by reading about it but I am sure I am missing some obvious tricks on the weaving front.  I will get this finished this morning and be weaving tomorrow at any rate.
A baby sweater is on the needles now-someone special has had a little boy that could use a little blue sweater....I could not find my pattern for this little neck down knit-if I have loaned it to you , could you let me know?!  I did a lot of cleaning out looking for this pattern, which is a good thing.  Finally, I just got out an old baby sweater and did the counting thing to figure out how many to cast on and the rest will just happen because I have made so many of these!


  1. Ahhh on the pool...awwww on the kitten...aaaggghhhhh! on the warp tangle!!!

    The poolside shot looks so inviting...I can hardly wait to be there and enjoy it in person!

  2. lol..even the 4 legged ones are enjoying pool side!! Looks great..can't blame you for spending time out there. Again I Love the colors..you painted.
    Aww..your turn for kittens this year. I am kittened out..lol after the barn litters of the last few years. Hope you find them some wonderful forever homes.

    Judi B.

  3. Poolside is a tough way to spend an afternoon!! LOL

    I thought the warp tangle was due to some kittens but you did it yourself! *sigh*

  4. we finally get some sun here - I could do with your pool now:)) and your dishcloths look much better than mine - is that pattern available from somewhere? (too lazy to figure it out by myself:)). I am glad I don't need a camouflage dishcloth - DH is doing the dishes all the time:))


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This pattern has been cut out and waiting for me for ages!  I decided that I would finally get it completed!  I will make it again using all...