Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spinning Yarn

I finished the first skeins on the new Joy sliding hook flyer!  Can you see how much more the bobbins hold! 

I have 457 yards in these two skeins.  This is about 7 ounces of corriedale cross,  spun into fingering weight yarn.
 I still have lots more roving to spin! Yippee!
I had gone to bed last night, forgot something and headed back to the kitchen and found this going on in  my absence.........he reached up and grabbed the leader yarn;
and laid down and moved the treadles........I can't wait to see if there is a pile of spun gold in the morning!    (There wasn't...!)        
I finished knitting the Bronte's Mitts, washed and blocked them. 
Oh, I wish I could describe how soft and silky the alpaca yarn makes these!  Just luxurious!


  1. Lovely yarn...and the mitts are pretty, they must be for someone really special! :)

    PD definitely exemplifies the proverbial curious cat!

  2. Wow! A spinning cat - how cool would that be?

    Lovely yarn you have there. And the mitts are sweet! Do you need mitts in Florida?

  3. Aren't sliding hook flyers the best? One of the nicest things about my Fricke wheel. Got me spoiled for anything else though. It does look like it holds more!


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