Friday, April 22, 2011

We Interrupt this Knitting

 I ran out of yarn 20 rows short of I pulled out some roving, dye mixes and
 dyed a new batch!  I will spin this up tomorrow and hopefully be knitting in the evening!
 This month's Fiber Binder was llama-just so soft, luxurious really!  I have never spun fiber like this before-it was a real treat!  (30 yards of fingering weight yarn)
 The pool area is awash with flowers-all my African Irises are doing their thing......
 they are so delicate and would make a nice colorway for another dyeing day!
How is this for gorgeous-it is a daylily.  Enjoy it , for it's a brief visitor!
Talk about inspiration for dyeing.....just look at this caladium leaf-it is about 15" long!
The morning glories are stretching up to cover the trellis-just so beautiful. 
We are not lacking for flowers and that is one of the blessings of living where we do- flowers are year round!


  1. The iris are lovely -- bummer that I missed them! The roving is looking good...

  2. Dyeing - spinning - knitting in one twenty-four hour period! Do you ever stop? LOL

    The flowers are all lovely; we, too, live in a climate where we have flowers all year round.

  3. the flowers are inspiration for the dyeing - wonderful!!


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