Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ship Ahoy!

 David gets the full use of a boat-he is everywhere!
 Abigail was very brave this year, she enjoyed it much more as the ride unfolded.
David is a natural as he is for most activities!
 Nice to relax together!
There were plenty of gators to make the search fast, furious and fun!
 We lunched at our favorite boating destination!  (Corky Bells)
 The water averaged 76F and was less brackish than later in the summer.
 The Corky Bell Gator was in his usual resting place-he has grown from last year-up to 2 1/2" now!
 Here is another sun-bather!
It is always exciting to see one on the move!
 Abigail usually hides out in the cabin but only went here for a break from the wind a few times.
 She spent a lot of time out here enjoying the view with the rest of us!
 The view as we leave Dunn's Creek for Crescent Lake.
 This tree was just floating along-this is why you have to be diligent at all times while boating-it was right in the path we took 2 hours earlier!
Pretty enough for a puzzle, isn't it?!  Sun kissed and ready for the pool-what  a great boat trip!


  1. Corky Bells! I'm jealous--I didn't get to go there this year. sharon

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  3. It was lovely and I am oh, so bronze now that it has left me with a happy smile! :)


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