Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Legged Visitors!

 We have two couples of the sandhill cranes that regularly visit-see what one of them brought to us for a visit?!  The baby caught on very quickly when we threw the bread!
He is so downy, fluffy and cute!
The uncles came for the weekend to help celebrate David's  9th birthday.
David also had two friends from our church come over to join in the fun!
Abigail got in the birthday fun, too!  (Her birthday was last month!)
Rapunzel is one of her favorites right now!
Marsel even found some time to decorate a cake!
Having the uncles is the best gift!
Go , David, Go!
The warm temps has made for some great pool time-we linger long in the water that is 88-90*!
Abigail is very relaxed in the pool this year-so nice to see her imagination at work no matter what she is involved in!
Marsel and I got to spend some time in the sewing room-she made this birthday pj set for David.
These are the four blocks we made for our participation in the Margaret's Hope Chest quilting charity.  We will revisit this pattern, string piecing-we did one set of blocks orderly and symmetrical and then pushed ourselves to make the other set of four 6 1/2" blocks randomly-it was so hard!  The request was for blocks in blue, green and yellow so we dug through our scraps for these colors and had a great time!


  1. It looks like Abigail is ridding Nessie! Cool!

    How did you get the howling wolf's head on the T-shirt? Stencil and fabric paint, or is it appliqued?

    We have the water (the fields and rivers are very flooded right now), but with temps in the 50's I don;t see any swimming in our near future. Gosh, a swim sounds lovely right now, though.

    Okay, what is string piecing?

  2. Hope the cranes keep coming back to visit..what a great surprise.
    The kids are at such a fun age. I am sure your enjoying every minute of there visits.
    Wish our weather would pool looks very inviting.

  3. What lovely visitors - sand cranes and uncles!

    Oooh, very early in the season for swimming!

    Hapy 9th birthday, David.

    The blocks look great. DD and I have been working hard too; we made a sandwich after GS#1 went to bed at 10pm! It took us 1 1/2 hours but we did it!

  4. Thank you for helping to celebrate his birthday with so much fun!

    I am still smiling over our quilt blocks. It was fun to do a pattern that was new to both of us!


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