Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Baby Steps

 Well, I crowed my victory over this sickness way too soon -let me suffice it to say, I was down for the count!  On the way to town yesterday, they were cutting hay in this pasture-isn't it beautiful?!
 When we got home, Bill went to play on the tractor and did this instead.........the wife and his truck remedied the situation!
When I'm not sleeping, I work on the headband to match those mittens!
The knotweed has filled out and is in bloom-the butterflies love this plant, too.
Look at how deeply this ginger cone has become!  
 The magnolia cones are blushing very nicely;
when they fall to the ground, they are eaten up-the squirrels are burying the seeds for winter and hoarding, too.
We brought a cone in and by morning, it had exploded with these red seeds!  Kind of cool and creepy!
 Today I psyched my energy up to go into the sewing room to make these-I haven't been thrilled with the old ones and wanted the curtains to match the quilt in the guest room-
It worked!  Glad to get back to the couch, but it was nice to accomplish something today!


  1. Well, at least I don't have to wonder where I got my stubborn gene. You just don't hold still even when you're supposed to be holding still!!!

    Love the hayfield. The new curtains are really 'wow' -- they add a real punch to the room and tie it all together. The kids will be excited to see the new decor since it's in 'their' room. :)

  2. argh, virus infections are always so tiring:(( and take time..... but your guest room looks very nice, the blues and greens make it look cool and relaxing (probably a good thing in your climate:)) and the seed pod is looking interesting - reminds me a bit of this plant that started to say "feed me"....:)) the seeds have a fabulous colour, you could dry them and use them for beading or such?

  3. Hope you're feling better soon.

    You are doing better than me; we've had the fabric to make curtains for OG's bedroom for two months now - I just can't face crawing around on the floor head down!

  4. Hope you can kick it soon! Love the headband. Is it done to match the mittens from a previous post?

  5. Bless your heart! I do hope you get to feeling better.

    Although I will say you are the most productive sick person I have ever seen. :)


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