Saturday, September 17, 2011

World Wide Spin in Public Day!

And I am home in my pajamas.......not feeling well enough to venture outside.  So , I did some spinning in the living room watching Bill work on the fireplace!  I spun the silk mawata that was this month's Fiber Binder Club.
Once I got the speed up on the wheel so there was enough twist to hold the silk together, I did alright spinning the silk.  Just a slight learning curve because it isn't wool!  Unfortunately, when  I was finished with the small amount of fiber, I had a blister on my thumb!  I guess I was spinning fast enough to give myself a friction blister!  I ended up with 76 yards of two ply yarn-very pretty!
 Bill loaded the fireplace on the forks on the tractor so he could move it from the garage to the other end of the house to set it by the hole in our wall!  It weighs a couple hundred pounds and I was no help!
 Ta da!   Almost log ready!  Well, not really but it is nice to imagine it ready for a fire!  Most of the work will now take place outside to put the pipe up through the roof.  (We have to have the surround and mantel made for finishing the inside-I think some tile around the firebox, too.)
Pretty slim clearance on the porch, too, we are glad it still leaves lots of room to walk around!  Bill will be boxing it in and doing the stucco finish to match the house, in the future....
The fingerless mitts are a set!  These are fraternal, too!  It is a good test for me to wear them when they don't match exactly-I struggle with symmetry issues, you know!


  1. No chance I'd be out spinning today (even if I could spin!).

    I did go to the Big Box Craft Store for yarn for mum and some fabric for me! Can't wait till I'm well enough to sew!

  2. Continued happy progress on the fireplace!

    I like the 'foresty' colors of the mitts -- very you!

    Hope you are resting as you should be...

  3. at least you'd have symmetrical garments on hand and foot, if you wear both sets together:))
    I can't believe how easy it is to set up a fireplace for you! with our stonewalls and chimneys it would be a gigantic job to put one in as an afterthought - nearly impossible to "cut" a whole into our walls!
    no chance for me to do outside spinning anywhere today - I'd get soaked every 10 minutes...
    take a rest - and let the others work, until you feel better!

  4. Wow! A blister? Then I had better be more careful when I spin silk. You must have been flying!!!

    This fireplace is for burning wood, right? Please excuse me if I sound stupid asking this, but with two cups of tea, my brain is finally up to stupid (from comatose, so I'm doing better).

  5. Beautiful mitts, and I love your silk yarn - I think it was worth a little blister:-)

  6. Ouch! You must be one speed demon of a spinner with the silk! I love spinning the hankies, but have yet to get an ouchie like that one.


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