Friday, September 16, 2011

Steps Ahead and Backwards........

 I have a pair of bfl hand spun socks!  Soft and silky!
 On Wednesday, I was feeling good and began doing some work in the hall-building out the two by fours so they will be flush with the existing wall (used to be garage space) so it can be sheetrocked.
 Bill got the inside work done and placed the plywood over the hole so he could work outside.
 He has a cement saw to cut through the stucco.
 The reciprocating saw did the fine tuning for the cut.
 Bill got the base built on the outside, too!  The sunset is shining on the fireplace hole so that it looks like there is a blaze going already!
 I woke up with another terrific headcold!  I feel miserable again!  This is getting to be a vicious cycle!  I didn't feel up to hammering on the sheet rock project so I peeled these sand pears.  They are not a variety that you can eat fresh off the tree-they have to be cooked to be edible-they are hard as a rock and stay that way until cooked!
 I have found my favorite way to eat them is to cook them down into a sauce-like applesauce-delicious!
I have a new project on the needles, the second fingerless mitt of this pattern found on KnitPicks called Belladonna.  The cuff is worked around, seamed and then you pick up stitches for the hand.  I made some changes (don't I always?!) but it is a nice pattern.  The yarn is the last of the hand spun BFL.


  1. I love those fingerless mitts--they look like something a Victorian Lady would wear. Sharon Sorry you aren't feeling well--hope you get it all out of your system before you head up to NY for the wedding--need I say that someone is counting the days!!!

  2. I love the photo of the sun "blazing" in the fireplace!

    Hope you are feeling better soon; rest and go to the doctor if there is any sign of infection! I must be on the improve - today was the first time in four days that I have sat and read blogs! I'm off to watch tennis and knit!

  3. So, so sorry you are sick again...I think you just need me to come and nurse you back to full health.

    The fireplace project is making nice progress!

    The mitt is pretty -- it has a different look than the others you have made. Bruce commented that it looks like chain mail when you first glance at the picture!

  4. those virus infections are really bad:(( I think you'll better take it easy for some time to get rid of this! but the socks look great, I love the colour graduations! somehow mitts are not for me, I only have one pair (purely utility ones, when it's cold up here and my hands freeze on the keyboard:)) - but yours look very pretty!
    I hope you are feeling better again soon - maybe you need the fireplace finished to relax in front of it?:))

  5. You have me thinking about pear butter, now. I need to get me some pears.

    The socks look great and even if they are fraternal, they look enough alike to look like a pair. Congrats.

    I am really sorry you are being attacked with another cold. It looks like that fireplace can't get finished soon enough. Some hot tea, your feet propped up by the fire and some knitting. That'll set you up!

  6. Love, LOVE, LOVE the handspun socks! I was about to ask what yarn it was until I read. I simply adore the socks. I am going to hope you are feeling better as I post this.


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