Friday, September 30, 2011

Beach Therapy

 I woke up feeling like I am returning to my energetic self today!  About time!  I hung this sliding glass door blind this morning while Bill did an oil change, and then I packed a lunch for us and we headed to the beach!
 When we got to the beach, we discovered we did not have the lunch!!  Off to our favorite beach restaurant!
 We were able to drive onto the beach today, conditions are not always good enough for us to do this but it was a treat for us today!  The tide was going out when we got parked- perfect conditions abounded-hardly any people, excellent temperature , sunshine, and breeze and shells.
 We walked and lounged and let the ocean air clean out my sinuses!  It felt so good to be at the beach.
As the tide continued receding, there was a tidal pool and a sand bar right in front of us that we enjoyed exploring.  The two sets of waves were fascinating to me!
 The clouds gave just the right amount of comfort, changing the water from light to dark blue today.  We saw several dolphins but I couldn't get to the camera in time to catch a photo.
 The dolphins and the pelicans were feeding on schools of mullet just beyond the waves-very fun to watch them swoop down for a catch!
 There were lots of crabs and scurrying in the tidal pools and lots of these miniature volcanoes from the mussels under the sand.
The sunset on the drive home was spectacular-a perfect close to a great day.
When we got home, we found the picnic lunch right where we had left it!


  1. Looks like a wonderful and therapeutic day! Just what the doctor ordered. :) So glad you are on the road to recovery finally.

    LOL on the lunch!!!

  2. I hope the sea air will do the trick for your illness! isn't there some vapourizer or similar, that mimicks sea air to people with sinus problems? but of course that won't offer the sun and the enjoyment of the beach - did you knit as well?:))

  3. Too funny! I've left behind more coolers than I care to remember.

    Here, you are looking at an ocean, which makes one think of summer, and I'm looking at the colors of the leaves changing, and actually turned on the furnace for the first time this season yesterday. I love how large and diversified our country is!

  4. Did you have a picnic supper? LOL

    It sounds like a perfect day to me! I had a massage yesterday and today my sinuses are not happy! Must have bene that hour lying face down!


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