Thursday, September 29, 2011


 I made a Quant, an entrelac headband with some left over bfl yarn.  It has a very nice subtle color change.
 So, I took some more bfl left over yarn and made on with the garter stitch entrelac.  It was faster to make but it used more yarn and lost the woven look of the entrelac.  I like the contrast of the colors too much to waste the yarn!
I have ripped out the garterlac Quant and will reknit it-I can because I am the Knitter!  (Nyki helped to unravel the knitting-you can only imagine how much help she was!)


  1. We know that the cats are quite sure that the only reason you knit is for their entertainment...!

    Love the weave in blues like that, very pretty.

  2. The multi-colored one looks like patchwork, but I agree that the blues and purples one looks nicer.

    One day, I'll get up enough nerve to try entre-lac.

  3. LOVE the blue one! Of course the colors look eerily familiar:) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Why did you rip out the Quant?

    I think they both looked great. I tutored a workshop on Saturday on entrelac!


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