Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Wednesday and Thursday I had to adjust from travel and missing family but as usual I do a bunch of cleaning to distract myself-this is the first time that I can say-there was nothing to clean!  Bill had done a stellar job of keeping up to things and so I could do a bunch of resting when I got home!
 In between recliner time, I am learning about glass work.   These are bits of glass I have cut for jewelry.   I fuse them in the little microwave kiln I bought.  (The round thing in the background.)
 Sometimes things go well and sometimes I get a surprise like this.  It is all a part of the learning process!
 But mostly it goes like this!   It is just very satisfying and since there is quite a bit of waiting time, it is a perfect creative outlet for me right now!  (Waiting for the glass to cool to do the next piece!)
When we bought this house, we found boxes and boxes of glass here-from neighbors we learned the Mrs was a stained glass worker.   She left me enough to work for a few years!   I am also going to tackle stained glass work soon!  This is the year!
 Bill had his own fun project when I got home, the bathroom plumbing had sprung a leak when I was gone and it ruined the flooring in our closet and bedroom.   He had to pull up the closet and our bedroom will be tackled on another week.......the good news is that he was able to find the leak right at the base of this pipe and fix it without having to jack hammer miles of our slab cement to find it!  (Horrible to even think about!)  We do have more flooring for our bedroom also and that is a relief!
 I missed these guys!   This is something new Bill started when I was gone-a morning catnip party!
The girls do not all get along well out in the yard but during this party, everyone is nice and does their own thing!   It is a riot to watch!  (Two of our cats are missing-Bling doesn't react to catnip and JD doesn't play with the others-no matter what!)
 It was nice to see what is blooming in my yard, too.  This is the tail end of the cactus blooms.
 In the Christmas cactus by my main doorway, I am always fighting the wrens who want to build a condo here!  Since I was gone and there was no one to tear it down every morning, they made great progress!   I will have to leave it now in case there are eggs inside!  The creeps!
It was nice to spend my afternoon here-listening to a knitting podcast and knitting and dozing!  The pool is just right for my aches and pains right now!!!


  1. I lined my hanging basket with wool - and have to fight off the wrens as well:) serves me right! and I always wanted to try stained glass - but getting all that extra equipment put me off after all - I already have so much textile stuff and not enough time to use it all that I decided to leave it after all. there are simply not enough hours in a day:) I hope you have fun with your stash - it sure looks interesting!

  2. Your glass pieces are coming along beautifully!

    I love the catnip party...what fun!

  3. Catnip party woooooo!!! ha ha!

    The glass is gorgeous! That little white round thingy is the kiln? Do you put that in the microwave?

  4. Love the catnip party!

    The fused glass is awesome. What fun for you!

    And the knitting rolls right along. Good on you.

  5. As I said, never a dull moment! ;-)

    Unfortunately, we left our one surviving Christmas cactus behind when we moved. However, we 'inherited' several Christmas cacti when we moved here - the healthiest one is growing in the ground! Of course, ours flower mid-year since that's winter here.


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