Monday, June 25, 2018

Got Yer Back

 I bound off the shoulders and neck last night and cast on the front for the summer tank sweater!
I did note that two stitches are out of place-12" down from the neck edge.
After holding it in my lap for several minutes....thinking about ripping out or
running down a ladder to repair just one stitch row at a time or
just leaving it and not worrying about it.  I went with the latter.
I am not going to worry about it, thank you very much.
My Gram used to say, "It'll never show on a trotting horse!"  Or my ol' back either!


  1. DESIGN FEATURE! Your swap package is going in the mail this morning!

    1. Me again--it is on its way priority. I have a tracking number somewhere so if it isn't there by Friday let me know!

  2. The woman at my old LYS used to call those "design features"

    I like to quote the immortal painter Bob Ross and call them "Happy Accidents"

  3. Simply making it your own! Love that shade of yarn.

  4. I'd call it a "design enhancement." This will be a fun top in that cheerful color.

  5. I love that trotting horse saying. I say it to myself all the time.

  6. You are zooming along!

  7. Lovely color for you — and I am catching up backwards on your blog again, so I know the end to these misplaced stitches!


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