Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So What If......

I wondered how this afghan would look if I used a smaller 'scallop' .
This one is big enough for a lap robe; 
 I will knit a border on the side edges to make them neater
and call it done. 
I reduced the stitches from 40 to 30 and added a few more scallops to the row
 and I liked what I saw.  

So much for using up scraps of yarn-now I will have to buy some more to finish the new idea!
I will rip the first one out and use that yarn instead.
Because that is often what happens to the first one off the drawing board.
And that is what happens when you get an idea.......


  1. So pretty! I say buy more yarn - LOL - Don't rip out the first one...it is lovely.

  2. Good ideas ALWAYS come with a price. LOL

    Yarn shopping .... not a bad thing. ;-)

  3. What Vera and Dee said.
    At first I thought you were making the felted bag that uses this scalloped pattern.

  4. Lovely - yes, indeed purchase more yarn!

  5. Oh my gosh I LOVE it!! Im all for lap quilts/blankets I love the colors you choose

  6. That is fantastic. I love the color combination too. So yes, go buy yarn, your purchase has been sanctioned by the knitting bloggers. LOL

  7. That's why I try not to have any ideas. I let others do the thinking for me!

  8. Patterns are a nice place to start so you can make your own ideas, right?! :)


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