Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Making Colors

 I experimented with corals and browns
as I wielded the Jacquard dye bottles .
I do love the way the yarn grabs the dyes!
 I dyed some roving, too.
I am hoping to line up some colored wool since I have spun white for too long!
It is so warm in the sunshine, it took no time at all to dry the fiber.
 This is some BFL (blue-faced Leicester wool) and Tussah silk blend.
I can't wait to spin this!
This four ounce roving is Hampshire wool, a downy breed,
 and took the dye so differently from the the long, silky wool of the BFL!
It will spin long draw and yield a bouncy wool, 
I'm pretty sure!
Will took this picture of his cat,  Nemo.
He is guarding another roving I dyed, it is a superwash Merino/nylon. 
This was an amazing view of our sky last night-
There is also a flock of egrets flying to roost.


  1. Pretty!!! I love your drying posts (?). I could never trust my kitties that close to my fiber. They would grab it and run. Why they like to eat wool so much I'll never know.

  2. Love that yarn!! Dyeing is so much fun. Maybe I need to stash dive and get some yarns I am no longer thrilled with and over dye them.

  3. Ooooooo...that skein of yarn is gorgeous! Have you found a new cottage industry for yourself???? LOL

    Will did a great photo of Nemo.

  4. TOtal success. LOVE the corals and browns!!!! WOWZA

  5. Love a cat that guards the yarn. Cute picture.

  6. It's so much fun playing with colours!

  7. Oh my! I love that coral and brown yarn - gorgeous. A guard kitty!!! LOL

  8. The blue roving you dyed is to dye for! (Pun intended.)
    That is a dramatic sky.

  9. I just love seeing dyed roving — it’s so pretty! The pool water is a perfect backdrop for that skein of yarn. Gorgeous sky, too!


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