Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Top and Bottom

 A finished top!  I ended up adding the strips of leftover fabric along each long side
 to widen  the quilt.  I liked the dark color around the outside!  
I need to find some fabric for the backing so this will have to go to the queue before quilting.
Yesterday I sat in the shade to do some knitting while I waited to pick up the boys. 
 The heat is making it hard to sit outside even if I am in the shade; 
 we are in full out steamy weather and it is not easy on my internal thermometer! 
 I love how the clouds are perfectly reflected in the river!


  1. Beautiful shot of the river! And I, too, really like the dark border on the quilt - very pretty!

    Our weather has moderated...but only for a couple of days. We are supposed to be in the thick of stickiness and humidity by the weekend.

  2. What a gorgeous view!!!! Too bad about the heat. We are in a decent spell at the moment but I'm sure it won't last.

  3. That brown edging is just PERFECT.

  4. Lovely view of the river - too bad it's too hot to enjoy it comfortably. The quilt looks wonderful, especially with the dark border.

  5. Love the pinks in the quilt
    Your mirror cloud image is a lovely thing to behold. Thanks for that this morning

  6. Beautiful quilt.

    We have really lucked out weatherwise so far this summer. We've had a few days of soul sucking humidity, but mostly it's just been beautiful. I've barely had the A/C on at all. I love it. That said, it's supposed to get hot and humid this weekend, and stick around for a week or two. :(

  7. It is a beautiful view, no sitting in the heat here it is brutal. Wonderful quilt my friend.

  8. Love your quilt! Sorry about the hot weather... I'm glad I escaped the summer... but you do have a lovely view! Hang in there! xx

  9. What a beautiful picture of the riverside!


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