Friday, June 22, 2018

Try , Try , Again!

 I had a long talk with the cotton sweater with high hopes
 but niggling doubts kept me from enjoying it.  
The needles the pattern called for are too small for the yarn (worsted weight)
 and the fabric is too dense and stiff.
 Strike two is the bane of all 'knit in the round' ribbings-it slants and that drives me crazy.
So I ripped it all out.
And caked the yarn back up for another attempt!
 I thought I would try a top down sweater; 
 the yarn works up better in a bigger needle
 but I didn't really want a t-shirt again.   
So I stopped here and ripped it back, too.
What I would like is another cotton tank like this one.
So I pulled out my old (1998 purchase) Sweater Wizard software 
and loaded the measurements and gauge into the slots 
and now I have what I want
and I know it will work!
Now I have a K3P1 ribbed  tank on the needles and it is custom designed just for me!
No guess work or doubts to haunt me now on the pretty sunflower yarn!


  1. Lovely colour yarn! Definitely deserves the perfect project!

  2. Yea! Glad you found a project that's perfectly matched to the colorful yarn.

  3. Glad you found something you will enjoy knitting. (Nothing worse than continuing to knit on something you KNOW you won't wear in the end.)

  4. That's the way to take control!

  5. I think I fixed the notification problem, thanks Nancy!

  6. I had sweater wizard and loved it! Why don't they have an updated version?

  7. It is a color that will look wonderful on you when it is finished!


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