Wednesday, June 6, 2018

This or This or That?

I have so little time to knit
that I sometimes feel I need to have only one project so I don't 
waste time trying to decide what to work on  each evening!

But then that would be like having only one outfit to wear 
and we all know, 
sometimes you feel like bright colors,
sometimes subdued.
Sometimes something light
and sometimes something heavy.
So we try to have several projects to add flavor to our fibery menus!

When you only go out to a restaurant once in a grand while,
it would be hard to chose what to eat, right?
But trying something new is very appealing--
like Mystical Lanterns by Janie Crow!
(It's crochet and it's on my hook last night-just one motif at a time, I can handle that!)


  1. That lantern granny is a very interesting shape. Looks like it would be fun to make.

  2. I m incapable of more than one thing on the needles at a time. This leads to boring photos because the progress is slow. I admire your variety and ability to hop from one thing to another!

  3. The crochet piece is very pretty. And, remember, variety is the spice of life!

  4. Exactly!!! That's why I have so many things going at once-to fit my mood.

  5. I hear you! Variety is the spice they say. But sometimes I get too many going and it can be so distracting! All will be lovely once done, and enjoyed along the way to done.


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