Wednesday, February 2, 2022


My new afghan hooks arrived early!  I couldn't wait to find the J hook and try it out!  The hooks were only marked with the mm size so I had to look up which hook was which on this a conversion chart!

Which clearly showed me which hook to try with my yarn.  The hook is a LOT bigger than the G hook I was trying to use with worsted weight yarn-no wonder it felt like armor!

I had bought this yarn at Michael's 
when I was given a gift card right after Christmas. 
 It would be perfect for this block a month project.
I worked a bit last night and it is so much easier to crochet with acrylic yarn instead of cotton!  Having the right hook was also critical.  I will work on this throughout the day today.  

Yesterday, when another friend stopped by, we brought the plants out of the garage, put them back into their right places and then watered them all.  I also used the blower to get all of the leaves out of the garage.  I am going to enjoy sitting outside in the sunshine while working on this block .  Tomorrow another new block will be released so I want to be ready.
I will be listening to the birds chirp!  Very restorative!



  1. Ooooh, I like your new afghan hooks. I bought the clover bamboo ones and I'm already wishing I had got the metal ones. New block tomorrow? I'm ready. I think. I saw that she released another video either yesterday or today on hints for doing tunisian crochet but I haven't had time to watch it. I'll have to do that tomorrow.
    Our floor guys moved the refinishing of the hardwood up a week to Monday so I have to pack up my china cabinet and move all of the small stuff from the living room. Yuck!
    I sure want to sit and crochet instead. :-)

  2. That “doughnut” of yarn is a fun presentation! Thanks for sharing the chart; I saved it so I don’t even have to find one myself when my hooks come. Enjoy your sunshine and warmth!

  3. That's a nice collection of hooks.
    Sitting outside in the sunshine....sigh. It is almost 60 degrees here today and of course it is raining making a real mess with all the snow that was out there. I shouldn't be complaining. It's supposed to go back to freezing in just a few days so I should enjoy the respite.

  4. The right tools can make all the difference!

  5. Between the hooks and the yarn, it looks like you’re all set to create. Enjoy the sunshine and think of all of us “up north.”

  6. A little yarn, a nice new hook and sunshine too??? You are livin' the dream!


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