Friday, February 18, 2022


My helper is holding down the finish February square so I can block it!  If I look closely, I can see a few mistakes but I will leave it so that I can see how I progress as we crochet through the year with this blanket!
 Since I was done with the square for February, I had to find something else to play with that is still Tunisian. I found this pattern from Very Pink on YouTube which is also a very fun pattern and easy to memorize!  I had to use a smaller hook so I hope it works out to be a circle!  Time will tell. I can work a wedge before I have to rest my hand--it is getting stronger!

And just in case you are in the line 
of the most wintry mix of weather, 
I thought I would warm you up with our week's forecast!  


  1. I would love your weather! Its beautifully sunny here, but it's COLD! AND we got about two feet of snow over night. It's pretty, but I'm going to enjoy it from the comfort of my nice, warm house!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhh....not in January. I do not miss the heat.

    I could have done without last nights rain squall that knocked out our power, thusly our HEAT. But, socks on my feet and an extra blanket and we survived. LOL

    The Tunisian is pretty. Looks like you'll get your circle.

  3. I completely forgot to show my square. I finished it on Saturday. I did have to rip it back once because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. It is fun to learn something new, but so far I can't see tunisian crochet as being a favorite of mine.
    We have brilliant blue skies today and it's supposed to be in the 50's. I was really surprised to see that there are blizzard warnings not far from us in Iowa. How strange that there is such a drastic difference in a short distance.
    I talked to Dennis's brother who lives in Miami Beach yesterday. He was on his motorcycle and it was 82. He keeps asking us to come visit, but we're taking care of HIS MOTHER! He just doesn't seem to get it. Oh well.
    I'm glad you're feeling so much better. That's such a pretty dishcloth you're making. You are a fast, fast learner.

  4. Oh, wow....that is some warm weather. I'm not ready for that but some 50's would be nice.
    Your crochet adventure is turning out nicely. The circle one is fascinating.

  5. Gee thanks, NOT! LOL. We had freezing rain and snow last night. I am so done with this winter! And I usually don't mind it. I guess it's my bones getting older. Love the crochet projects.

  6. I am really enjoying Tunisian crochet; how about you? I’m guessing “yes“ since you are doing another project with it!! I am getting extra practice this month as I had to rip back quite a few rows to fix a mistake…it was at the beginning of the row, skewing the square, so I couldn’t leave it for posterity! :) Enjoy the warmth…ahhhhh!


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