Friday, February 4, 2022


I was off on my estimation of when I would finish quilting this but this morning will be the last row.  I have another group quilt to load on and work at my leisure.  That's a good thing right now!

And just making it before the new video is released to work on the next Tunisian square, here is the square for January.  It was blocked overnight and it took a lot but not all of the roll out.  They will all lay flat when sewn together into a blanket.


  1. Nice Tunisian square! Love that blue. Are you choosing different colors for each square? Or will they all have that blue in them?

  2. Nothing wrong with moving a little slower. I have to remind myself sometimes that not everything needs to be done in a day

  3. I find that everything takes longer than I think these days. I used to be so patient but all of a sudden it's like the clock is ticking. I don't even want to think of what biological clock is ticking for me at the can't be good lol.

  4. Oh, Tunisian! My first attempt at working with yarn and needles. I sucked at straight crochet, but I could make all kinds of things with Tunisian. A baby blanket, a purse, I did it all. I will be watching your journey with a keen eye! Glad you are able to still create, enjoy that sunshine while we enjoy 10" of snow! It will be 1 degree tomorrow!!!

  5. The gold edging on the blanket square is pretty.

  6. Woohoo! I am halfway through my January block — wanting to get it finished up so I can be a little more relaxed with the February one!

  7. Pretty quilt. You're always so busy. Love your square. I've had such a busy morning I haven't even had time yet to see if Jayda has posted the new video yet. It will be fun to be doing this blanket together.


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