Saturday, February 21, 2009

Some Knitting

I finished my headband from the KnitPicks free pattern-I wore it but my hair is still too short for it to look good yet-it will work this summer! ( I will make another narrower one for me and see if that works for now!)
I dug my loom out of storage and will load it with some handspun yarns for use today-the cats immediately had to investigate the new smells-Bling knows not to get on the table (at least when I am looking) but Nyki was overcome with curiousity and had to be shooed! (After the picture!)

Marsel kindly gifted me an UFO kit she had bought to make for Abigail so I started it to fill the empty feeling I get when they have to go back home!

All company have departed for respective homes.

Monday will bring back the usual routine again; today, laundry and lumping.................


  1. Well, waste no time on that project!!! Someday, hopefully, I'll do the same for Abigail at a time in her life when her inspirations are loftier than reality allows for...and so it'll continue!

    Thanks for the wonderful visit...I miss everybody...

  2. I can relate to the 'empty' feeling!

    Lovely knitting.

    I was thinking about your hair looking at the group photo - it's quite a bit longer now than it was when your profile photo was taken! Mine's the same. I decided to grow it a couple of years ago then got serious so I could have it pinned up for The Wedding.


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