Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Good Trip and Back Again

We celebrated Abigail's birthday soon after arriving last Tuesday. Here is Abigail with her new doll .......with matching dresses and over her joggies!
David borrowed my camera.......
Marsel did well with her surgery...........I finished knitting her socks to say, "I love you."

Just 5 days away and so many yard changes! The banana plant is making a comeback!

A new amaryllis is in bloom..........isn't it perfect?!

The bromeliad is sending out another bloom, too......this one is called a bird of paradise. The azaleas are all finished and the fringe tree is loosing its flowers and is wonderful aroma....this is a pic I took when leaving the driveway last week. And here is todays view......

The best part of saying goodbye this time was that we will be seeing them in just 2 weeks when they come here for a special visit........more to come later about that!

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