Saturday, September 3, 2011

Feeling Blue!

I have been under the thumb of a dumb creative output is severely restricted!  I finally gave in and went to the doctors Friday so have begun my counter attack!
 I have been moving slowly and when awake, have been working on these fingerless mitts.  The white is handspun superwash and the variegated yarn is from the yarn shop I visited a few weeks ago!
 This is a neat little addition to my knitting accessories; it is a magnetic pattern holder that also folds up and goes in the knitting bag more easily than the solid magnetic board I  previously used.
 It holds the pattern neatly and then folds up for easy travel-I had to rework the pattern for these mitts (a free pattern on Ravelry called Wintergreen) because the first attempt was way too big!  After a bit of reworking, I worked pretty steadily on these all week and thoroughly enjoyed the two color knitting.........still.
 Bill's project this week, besides mowing, was to empty our refrigerator to try and defrost it so that it would encourage a sensor to reset...........that didn't work but two good things resulted from the adventure any way; One was we now have a very clean and reorganized fridge,  
 And since he dug this out of storage to plug in and use to hold all the things from the freezer, he discovered a pile of treasures inside this from our move almost 5 years ago!  Of all things, my scroll saw was in here along with a myriad of sheets and comforters that I had chalked up to the Bermuda Triangle of moving!!!  After a good launder, they are perfectly good and usable still!
But this was another find-a pound of raw fleece that was in a crock (which is also cleaned and added to the decor in my family room!) inside the freezer-I rewashed the wool and am in the process of carding it!  I do not remember what kind of wool it is, but it is soft and will give it a spin next week to see how it works up!


  1. Wow! Never a dull moment! A treasure hunt without even leaving home!

    The mitts are gorgeous - you are obviously on a colourwork trend at the moment; which must have been challenging when you weren't feeling well. Hope you're better soon; I am over the worst of the cold (I hope).

  2. huh, you have a walk-in fridge or what?:)) I think ours might be 1/4 that size... and you do keep funny things in your freezer:)) I've been known to put a bit of fibre into the (working) freezer, but not sheets, saws etc.... probably a very moth-proof way of storing wool though, even when not switched on:)) get better soon! though you still knit quite a lot...

  3. 5 years, eh? Well, it's like getting new stuff and not spending any money for it.

    I like the fingerless mitts. As much as I'd love to have some knitting time, I'd rather stay well. :)

  4. Gee, I hope you start feeling better!

    I love how you found all the fleece & scroll saw. It sounds just like our house. I have a trailer full of stuff yet to be discovered!

  5. Ok, I'm laughing. I thought I was the only one who did stuff like that--stashing something temporarily and then forgetting I'd done it. :-) But I'm glad to hear you gave in and took the trip to the doc, and hope that you'll be back up to par soon. In the meantime, DO take care of yourself!

  6. Hey, this post never showed up in my I'm a little slow in discovering it! The mitts are beautiful -- fun to see the difference between the red with white and the white with blue.


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