Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a blessed day!
Bill and I are sharing the first 'just the two of us' for Christmas morning since our first
Christmas after marrying in 1976!
Later this morning, we are driving up to Matthew and Ashley's to have lunch with them and 
to wish Will a happy first Christmas.


  1. Ooooo, Mark and I have never had Christmas with "just us"! After we were married, we would go straight from church to my parents' place. Then, when they moved away to the country, we spent Christmas with them. But we had DD by then. For many years it was just the three of us for Christmas and my patents would join us a few days later. Since DD married in 2009, Christmas Day has always been spent here. Today it was brunch because SIL had to work this afternoon. We are having Christmas properly on Saturday (with my mum, MIL, my brother, DSIL and niece.)

    Hope you have lots of wonderful cuddles. No news on the grand-daughter's arrival yet?

  2. happy christmas to both of you! I wouldn't mind a twosome christmas sometimes, would cut down on christmas tree etc. for sure:) though I shouldn't complain, at least this year there isn't a cat in sight trying to destroy every bauble we put up:)
    enjoy the few days until the year closes - and all the best for the coming 2013!

  3. That will probably be us next year. This will be the last year with Ben home. Next year, though, we will have a daughter. It will be a learning curve to alone for Christmas, but we have decided to fill the empty house with others who are in the same boat as we will be in.


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