Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Wedding in the Family!

We started the day with a birthday celebration for Caleb-meeting him at his favorite restaurant for lunch.
 Then we went back to Caleb and Cassandra's to change into our wedding clothes and headed to the ocean for a wedding!
 Matthew and Ashley saying their vows.
 And pronounced man and wife!
 The wedding bands.
 Ashley and family.
 And now with her  'Moms'.
 Welcome to our new daughter-in-law!
 I had to include this out-take of our family just before we were posed for our 'real' picture!
 Now for the official picture of my expanding clan!
 Matthew joins a family, too.
 My two newest grand children.......soon now!  (On a side note, all three of my sons will become fathers in 2012-what a blessing.)
 The happy couple pose for the photographer.........
 "Come closer........!'
 'Are you happy?'
 'This happy........'
 'No, THIS happy!'
 Newlyweds just beginning their journey!
 Yes, just married!
 We went to a lovely seafood restaurant after the ceremony, The Nippers, and enjoyed the good food and laughter of each other's company.
Back at Matthew and Ashley's apartment, we enjoyed the cutting of their cake.
And this couple enjoyed their first bites!

What a day we shared!         (Big brother, Jared and his wife, Krystle and daughter, Aria could not make it out for this ceremony but extended family and friends will be at the BIG ceremony that will follow later next year!)


  1. Oh wow! So so awesome! Congratulations. We got married on the beach too. Love beach weddings.

  2. It was just wonderful, wasn't it?!

    I love the family picture outtake...THAT is more like the real us! I'm glad my sisters-in-law are so patient about my obsessive need to rub their bellies...we will all be glad when I can hold the babies instead of rubbing s-i-l bellies! :)

  3. Wonderful, you all look like you we're having a great time I loved the out-take photo -- helps me get to know the family a little better.

  4. I love the idea of a wedding on the beach! no fuss with hundreds of guests, what to wear etc.. just a nice quiet ceremony - and everybody looks so happy, that you could sell the photos for "one happy family":)) all the best for the new couple - and all those grandkids coming soon!!

  5. What a happy family you have. And what a lovely setting for a wedding. It will be a day to remember for them.


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