Saturday, December 29, 2012


 I spun some Suri Alpaca.  I teased all the long locks open by hand.
 And made a cloud of fiber which I then spun into yarn.  It wasn't the most fun I have had spinning and I was glad to get to the end of the sample, truth be told.
 To its credit, the yarn is very soft and shiny.
 I got a very pretty knitted sample which goes to prove that knitting covers a multitude of (spinning) sins!
I finished my Suri Sample page which marks the end of FiberBinderClub's 2012's spinning entries!


  1. So I guess you won't be spinning enough to knit a sweater for me?! ;)

  2. Yes, but now you have spun suri alpaca and have the experience of it. You would never have known how it spun up until you tried it. Mind you, it's not my favorite, either, but I am glad to learn. Like Brother Cadfael says, "Nothing learned is ever wasted." ;)

    Now back to some great down sheep fleeces! I love crimpy wool.

  3. Lovely! DD was interested in reading what you had been up to -- but she said she feels like she's been spinning every day just keeping up with her two!

  4. funny, I love spinning suri! I just spun it in the dirt and the change from weird dirty skein to beautiful black lustre and softness was astonishing. I still didn't knit it, too precious, I just look at it sometimes and adore it:)

  5. I've spun alpaca but not sure it was suri. I admire you for spinning and knitting a sample.


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