Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 So much beauty.  Isn't he perfect?!  Belly is full here, he is snuggling next to his Mom.
 It was such a privilege to be able to stay with Matthew and Ashley to help out and to get to know Will.
 Thanks so much for this gift, you two!  This is a very early morning snuggle.
 Bill came today to bring me back home but first, he and Matthew did some home improvements.  There were no shelves in the closets and they remedied that today!
 It is fun to see Matthew with tools!  (This is a family joke because when he was very young he said he wasn't going to learn how to do 'fix-it' stuff ' because he was going to have so much money he would pay others to have manual labor done!  I am glad he now knows the joy of DIY !!!
I worked on Will's entrelac blanket in between snuggles........its about 3/4 done now!


  1. So glad you got the share in the joy of those early days of Will's life...and help out the new parents, too.

    Love the picture of Dad and is quintessential them!

  2. There is no doubt whose family Will belongs to!

    Good on you, Matthew - eating humble pie is good for all of us and it's good to learn these skills while you can! My 49yo brother regrets not taking the time to learn from dad while he still could!

    (look, mum, no numbers!)

  3. The "early morning snuggle" picture is precious!

  4. if you compare pic one and the early morning snuggle - you can see the family likeness! they are so lovely at this age, it's hard not to fall for them:) I am sure knitting on his blanket is a nice feeling just now...

  5. Happy birthday! I am sorry that I missed it. I know it was a blessed one!


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