Saturday, December 22, 2012


 We are all just hanging out and waiting for word that our newest grand daughter is coming into the world!
I am doing the usual Christmas preparations and made these key ring organizers for a few friends.  It is just big enough for some change, a license and credit card.


  1. maybe she's hanging in there herself - and waiting to become a proper christmas present?:) you'll have to make her a red hat! good luck for mum and baby - and good waiting nerves for the rest of the family!

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  3. Sorry, too many spelling errors I didn't see until too late!

    Waiting is sometimes so hard! She just didn't want to share her birthday with you! I hope she doesn't want to share it with Jesus either - it's tough having your birthday and Christmas on the same day!

    My mum has a key ring organiser and my sister told her not to keep her licence in it - if she ever lost her keys, she would give the finder her address and a key to the house and car! Just a thought!

  4. Waiting is hard!!!

    The organizers turned out great -- very nice!


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