Saturday, December 8, 2012

Baby Preparations

 I bound off the edges of the entrelac knit afghan for Caleb and Cassandra's daughter!
 I then washed it and blocked it.  The final dimensions were 36 x 48 but it did flatten while blocking but textured right back up when dry!  I am already knitting on the second one in boy colors!
 I finished the quilt and ran into a little label problem-I had bought the wrong kind of printable fabric-the non-washable kind so the first label didn't stand the steaming portion of the work!
Then the 'permanent' marker didn't hold up and this label became a blur of ink after the washer and dryer!  Off to the store for a new fabric marker-finally, I had a label to stand the test of time!
 I also got the 'baby's first Christmas ' ornament and her stocking done.
 I also mounted the vintage 1950's hanky for the wall.
 And, the quilt is finished.  Everything is wrapped and ready for the baby shower!  And the baby...


  1. Lots of beautiful things for's very hard to wait for her to arrive!!!

    Give Cassandra and Caleb extra hugs from me today...and a belly rub for Ella from her Aunt Marsel. <3

  2. The entrelac came up so beautifully. I'm sorry to read of your mis-adventures with the label but as they say, "all's well that ends well"!

    Hope you all ahd a wonderful time at the shower!


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