Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sharing the Waiting

 Here is the jokester, Caleb, posing with his wife........I love the expression on her face!
 This was at the baby shower on Saturday.  We got home late and then I had a disagreement with the fast food we ate on the way home and didn't get to post this sooner!
 On Monday, I painted this 12" ten foot long board for a shelf over my quilting frame.
 This morning, I sewed another purse organizer and then put up the shelf with Bill's help.
So much fun to organize and display all my 'old' sewing notions!


  1. Cassandra has the "I'm putting up with a Minota" face -- I see it on my husband's face regularly! :)

    Your shelf is lovely! How nice to have that wall be part of the prettiness, too.

  2. What a joker! The shelf is a good idea!

  3. hm, I think your son needs to see a doctor urgently - an elephant in the making:)
    could do with a shelf like that myself, but unfortunately I'd have to build a new room first of all!


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