Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Christmas Post

 The Poinsettias and Christmas cactus are all doing their blooms right on time!
 I did my big Ta-Da moment with the entrelac blanket for Will and saw I had made a parachute instead of a blanket!   I had added an I-cord edging which looked good except it didn't lay flat!
Sometimes this go like this when you are knitting.  I just didn't notice it was too tight while it laid in my lap working on it.
 The only cure was to rip the I-cord out.  I do not want to work on this another two to three days to find a right balance for another I-cord so--it is finished!  Ta-Da!!!
It is soft, machine washable and will match his nursery!  (36" x 42")

 Now on to some quick projects on the needles-a pair of socks are calling me!

(Caleb and Cassandra are in the hospital now; they will begin inducing labor early tomorrow morning!  Can you say excited?!)


  1. What a riot of beautiful Christmas color! It's nice not to feel guilty while I throw my poinsettia away in the trash anymore! :)

    The blanket (take 2) looks great. It will look even better with little Will tucked inside it!

  2. Excited!

    Your front entrance looks very inviting!


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