Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday's Gifts

I decided to try my hand at drilling my sea glass so I can make some jewelry with it!  I watched a ton of YouTube videos and then gave it a try!
I finally applied the right drill bit and it went through the glass like butter...almost!  It is a bit intimidating using the dremel in the water but with the right safety precautions, it works!  I see a whole new craft opening up for me!
 I also decided that the reason I didn't start the yellow and blue socks again ( I had two failures at working out the pattern) was because the colors didn't make my heart sing.
I am a dyer;  I dye!  And now I am singing at the new lime green and teal yarn!
 All my busies this morning were in anticipation of these visitors!
Ella played harmonica with Grandpa but when I whipped out the camera to snap the moment, she looked away!  Very cute to see her 'play' music!
 Another new adventure for Ella-using the walker!  She was so fast, my camera couldn't focus on her!
She gleefully yelled and laughed the whole time she ran and crashed through the room!  It was hysterical to watch!
Yes, she was very proud of her new skills!
Cassandra and I even got to try our hands at more glass work when Ella napped-I have her hooked on its use-she has just started to collect her own glass now that she is a beach resident!


  1. Ella is an imp! what a precious girl.

    The each glass is awesome! You clever, clever girl! Beach glass buttons on a hand-knit sweater? Sweet! And I love your new yarn colors.

  2. How quickly Ella has grown! Can hardly wait to get in onthe sea glass projects. Afterall I helped you sort a ton of it Love, Mom

  3. Wow, that is a very rich post! Family time is always wonderful...the yarn is gorgeous (and I'm glad it makes music for you now!)...and the sea glass is a very exciting new venture!

  4. love that sea glass--it would make great buttons also!! Sharon

  5. I love the two little teeth in that smile of hers.

  6. What a precious little girl!!
    Sea glass. How wonderful!!!! It must be so fun to go to the beach and find that.
    I love the color of your yarn.

  7. Fun family time!

    Love the new colours of your yarn!


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