Wednesday, August 27, 2014


 I decided to add sleeves to the top to add a longer and more options to the wearing occasions!
 It worked and it was actually easier then doing the facing for the sleeveless version!  Since it is a short, short sleeve, it didn't take that much more material!  I like it when a plan works out!  This is working very quickly now on the serger - I can have it pinned, cut out and sewn in just over an hour!  I'm going to wear it today with a pair of black pants to the doctor's office-my social life is rich!
Progress on the Cereus bloom!


  1. Fun! It is nice when the bugs are worked out of a project.

    How long will it take for the bloom to happen?

  2. Love that draped neckline! Good for you, you stash-buster!

  3. My goodness, you are amazing! Add sleeves and do it all in under an hour!


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