Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Arachnids and friends

 This spider that has turned up in our pool area is very easy to identify because of the web's zipper in the middle!   It is a case of calling attention to himself-good luck attracting a mate in here fella!  It is a cousin to the one out in the back yard area, this one a Yellow Orb Weaver while the bigger spider of the other day is the Golden Orb Weaver. (You might remember the golden cloth article woven from the fiber of the golden orb!) This one is only 3" in size.   He weathered the rain all day yesterday that were the results of Hurricane Cristobal.  (We were only given 1.3" of rain!)
 The Trumpet Vine is in full flower-the hummingbirds are loving them!  So am I!
 The butterflies are in full flight-we have hundreds of them again!  They are hard to get a picture because they do not hold still but this one was collecting some mineral from the driveway and I managed to capture several shots.
 He is a Spicebush Swallowtail.
 Of course, my little camera just couldn't capture the true iridescence of his colors!  But you get the idea!
And this little nub on the cactus leaf if another flower starting on the Dutchman's Pipe or Cereus, I like the common name of Queen of the Night!  I will be watching her for another midnight visit!


  1. That is a beautiful spider. I have never seen a butterfly that color before. We get interesting moths around here but only orange and black butterflies-that I have ever seen. Now you've made me want to Google that. I might be missing something!

  2. It seems we do have blue butterflies in these parts. I'll just have to be more observant!

  3. I read the article about the cloth -- interesting that, despite our technological advances, man cannot replicate spider silk! And the 'educated' say there is no God!


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