Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cindy-1 MS - 0

 I haven't been able to walk all around our 11 acres in a long time.  Weakness, clumsiness, pain just kept me close to home and the front porch and flowers.  But look what Bill had delivered this afternoon!   I am mobile again!!!
 It has seats on the back for company and grandchildren and parents and friends.......!
 It has a roof for keeping the sun or rain from beating down on my head!
 Yes, I can see some very pleasant times ahead!  I feel like I did when I got my driver's license at 17!
This is the view you will have of me-taking off for a bit of outdoors!
I took a ride to our neighbors first, I've missed chatting with them and dropping in!
And then we took a ride around the property to see my banana grove again!
 I have 4 major bunches of bananas growing right now!
 One still has the flower on the end of the stalk which has 38 bananas growing on it!
 I heard this guy behind me while taking pics of the pond area-see him?
 He was keeping his eye on me as I was trying to get his picture!   He did not like that camera pointed in his direction!  (Red Shouldered Hawk)
 The Georgia Pampas Grass is just beautiful in the setting sun.
My big dead tree lost his height-I love dead trees for two reasons-they provide a good place for so many birds and they are also very visually pleasing to me!

It did me good to be out and about this early evening!  Thank you for the wheels, Bill!


  1. So excited for you!!! Do you really think your oldest grandson will be sitting in the back seat?! ;)

  2. Love it!!!! That looks like so much fun. You really do own a beautiful piece of the world down there! I am in awe....

  3. that is such a cool gift - I didn't know you had so much land, you can drive all over and explore:) and eat bananas all the way:)

  4. Ok so after we knit socks we can go spin some donuts on the back 11 in the golf cart, lol! Good job Bill. Great idea and gift.

  5. What a wonderful, thoughtful and practical gift! As we Aussies say, "good on ya, Bill!"


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