Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flit like a Butterfly.......

A friend cleaned out her fiber stash and admitted she hated spinning cotton and didn't want this staring at her anymore!  I am the proud new owner of 1 1/2 pounds of ginned cotton again( she gave me a ton a few years ago and saved this for herself...)  
I hope to hone my cotton spinning skills on this batch of fiber.  I practiced making punis this morning in preparation for spinning!  Very relaxing work.  (puni is pronounced poo-knee--
so punis is a bunch of these rolls!)
 I used to be very focused and work on one project until it was finished.  I flit now which drives me crazy on some level but I have to do it this way now.   I am trying to go with the flow.   I wonder if the meds I am on mess with my brain in this way.....  Anyway, after doing a bit of work with the cotton, I remembered a pretty magazine pic of a quilt and was sure it reminded me of fabric in the stash and sure enough, I found the leftover fabric from a quilt I had made Ella before she was born!
 I cut out the flowers with the Accuquilt and just used 6 1/2" squares for the two blocks instead of piecing one of them.    (Watch for GO! dies on sale at JoAnns because I got this one on sale 50% off!)  This tool sure makes a difference with the applique prep time!
I have all the blocks up on the design wall for admiring!   I will have to sew all the flowers down next before sewing the blocks together but that is a job for another day as I flit to another project!
I have wanted a peasant dress pattern like the one I made for Ella and Aria but in a larger size for Abigail.   I finally found one to download on Etsy!  Instant gratification!  It has sizes from 12 month to 12 years!  Perfect.   I traced off what I needed and cut it out from vintage prints in the stash!   Oh, it's time to flit again..........
I spun up the sample banana silk to get acquainted with the fiber.   It is very much like bamboo but  gratefully not as slick.   And so it is not too hard to work with.   I did spin it a bit too tightly so will remember it for the dyed fiber.  I was concerned with it drafting apart once plied but I ended up with a pretty stable yarn.
As the day wore on, I am again in the recliner with my knitting-not a bad place to land at all!
I found a long skinny chart that is part of an Irish knit pattern but fits perfectly in my strip series of socks!  It is engaging to wrap my head around a meaty pattern like this!  Once I got used to the symbols, it is a very intuitive pattern-perfect for sock knitting!


  1. I am so happy to see you are continuing your own Fiber Binder samples.

    Are the flowers going to be appliqued onto the blocks?

  2. That is some fun flitting...your new m.o. isn't so bad if you have stuff like this to show for it! :)

  3. I'm tired just reading about all that amazing flitting. I'm a flitter too but not on such a grand scale!

  4. You accomplish more in your flitting than I do in a day's work. Good for you!!

  5. that quilt will make a girl very happy, I think:) and as long as you get the stuff done eventually, there's nothing wrong with flitting? if you have enough space to put it somewhere in between, flit away:)

  6. Ah, yes, I remember you were a "one project at a time" sort of gal! Flitting is obviously what works best for you now!


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