Friday, August 1, 2014

FO Friday

 Next Friday I will be able to post this finished object (FO) but  I did get to work on it when we had to drive into town to run errands.
We took a break and had a very leisurely lunch together!  (@ Corky Bells on the St Johns River)
When we got home I took a rest and then tackled this idea!  I bought a sweater and then the fabric to match.  I decided to make a top instead of the dress-long story but the fabric just was too much  of everything negative on me for a dress!  Since I have sewn for a million years but never made a neckline like this I was fascinated to see how it was done!
 It was a very easy and straight forward project!  Which is a wonderful thing...
I tried it on with my dressy pants and it is just what I envisioned......after the fact!  The sweater and the neckline fight terribly so the sweater will have to find a new mate!
But it is a finished object for this Friday!

A blog friend, Cheryl,  is hosting this FO Friday-you can link here to see her FO for today!


  1. Wow! I love it! Well done! And, the color is gorgeous! How fun! Thanks for the link. I'll post your success on my blog and link back to you. :-) Have an awesome weekend! :-)

  2. gorgeous blue! the blouse I mean:) but I do like the socks, too:) I finished a pair of socks as well, but promised myself to finish several "lonely" singles before I start a new knitting project... temptation, temptation....

  3. That sweater is so you! Glad you can be flexible on the mix-and-match plan until you find one that makes you happy. :)

  4. Gorgeous blouse. It's a neckline I love and have never sewn. Time to try. You inspire me.

    As for that new sweater - what wouldn't go with it? It's beautiful.

  5. Visiting from Cheryl's link, and very impressed with the top! The idea of making a wearable garment in a day is inspiring...I may have to dust off the ol' Featherweight this weekend :)

  6. Such a pretty colour. love the neckline too!


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