Friday, August 8, 2014

FO Friday

I didn't think I had finished anything for Finished Object Friday but Mom and I are doing some fun projects in between wedding preparations!  This is called a Disappearing Pinwheel.   It is made from a Dime Cake stack of fabrics with a  10" solid-look it up on YouTube for a very clever block!
 This morning I got to play with my nieces and sister and Mom and we tie dyed shirts!  This one is mine.
 These are some of the others with mine and the others are still in the bag for tomorrow's reveal after they set!
I am into the third strata in the Geology shawl.   Loving it .


  1. I love the quilt block. Tie dyed tee shirts are so much fun.
    Can't wait to see what your shawl will look like.

  2. do you ever stop creating?:) and the shawl looks interesting - very suitable colour for this project! have fun with your family!

  3. Lovely creations. I am such a sucker for tie dye. You know how old I must be.

  4. I love tie-dye! Leave it to you to find tie-dye stuff in those colors. :)

    Your shawl reminds me of a Georgia-clay geological find!!

  5. I ve never tie dyed shirts…but I'd love to make some more bandannas with it. Huck work a cute cute bandanna all the time around his furry neck

  6. Even travelling and weddings can't stop you!


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