Monday, August 18, 2014

Lovin' Monday's

 Monday's are good for cleaning first thing in the morning and then rewarding yourself with a bit of creative time!  I wanted to make some more of the disappearing pinwheel blocks.   It is so ingenious to sew two blocks together all around the outside!   It is so not following the sewing rules and that makes it fun!
 And then you cut this square apart on the diagonals.  This is the part that thrills quilters and confuses the uninitiated; the repetition of sewing fabric together and cutting it apart.......over and over.
 After you have a big pinwheel, you cut the blog into thirds horizontally and vertically.
 And rearrange a few of the pieces to your liking.
And sew them back together...........!  Here is another finished block!  I am getting quite a few just a few minutes at a time and they are adding up!


  1. That block is so much fun...I definitely want you to give me an in-person tutorial next month!

  2. I just love all the different 'disappearing' blocks that are showing up at the moment. And the Missouri Quilt Star company videos are such a great way to get new ideas!


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