Saturday, August 2, 2014

Treasure Hunter

 While looking for glass after a rain storm, Bill found this penny in the back yard!  It is a 1901 Indian Head penny in case you can't read it.
They are a pretty common coin as far as collecting goes, worth around $20 or more if you find the right buyer! lol   It was an exciting find nonetheless and we will be finding a good way to display it soon!  (I hear that metal detector calling me again!)


  1. That is really exciting! What an awesome find! The kids are going to be inspired to do treasure hunting next time we're there...

  2. Way cool! But I'm confused. He uses a metal detector to find glass?

  3. never mind the collector's value - it's a nice find to keep! any progress on the shawl ripping?:)

  4. cool!!! I have to see if we have any!

  5. What an exciting find in your own backyard!


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