Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bit by Bit!

 The head is complete for the first kitten!
The body is knit but waiting for its appendages before I do the stuffing.
And for good, country fun Grandpa got his tractor stuck so we were watching him try to shovel his way out.
It didn't work;  he had to call our neighbor for help!

(It is still so dry here so technically the tractor isn't stuck,   instead Bill has the tractor wedged in the ditch he dredged a long time ago while trying today to extend the opening into what used to be a large pond!)


  1. The kitten is adorable - the face is so expressive.

  2. The kitty is so cute!!!!
    The Grands don't look fazed at all by the tractor drama. My Grands (and all the neighbors) would have had to cover their ears if that were The Mister!

  3. Ugh oh . He's adorable!!!!!!! Keep on going! Meow Meow Meow and a hiss for good measure

  4. Such a cute kitty! Well done.

  5. What a sweet kitty face!

    Glad Bill was able to get his tractor unstuck! Life in the country ....never dull!

  6. That is classic Dad right there! Ha! Glad the boys thought it was fun! :)


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