Friday, May 12, 2017


 When you live in rural Florida, you teach children to run away from every sighted snake and call for help.
Will was playing the other day and did just that.
 The snake in question was 36-40" long.
It was an Indigo Racer which is a beneficial snake to have around 
since it eats other snakes and rodents.
We enjoyed watching it for a while and then it 'raced' under a pile to hide.
 A preemie hat is now on the needles, no fancy stitches this time.
 I have 8 hanging baskets along the front porch.
Every Spring the wrens start several nests in my plants but never finish one and make a huge mess in their indecision.
Well, this time, they have not only finished building one, 
they have even laid eggs in this one!
(I found out quite by accident when watering this plant 
and almost getting hit in the face by the exiting parent!
So I stuck my finger in to see if it was 'ripe'.  
The eggs are not visible but I think once they hatch, 
I will be able to get a cute picture!) 
 In the studio, I am putting the finishing touches on my latest class exercise-
While I work, Will paints at his own easel.
(Ethan is sleeping during this painting session!)
 My next project-it has sat in my wishlist bucket long enough.
We went and bought the yarn today and since we were in the big city; 
We stopped at the water fountain park for some fun!
And savored the 'big' beach.
(St Augustine Pier)


  1. Look at those two cute little guys at the park and beach! It must make your heart sing to spend so much time with them.

    I can't stand snakes whether they are beneficial or harmful. I suppose that's from being around rattlesnakes when I lived on the farm.

  2. If you have to have a snake, I'm glad it was that kind! I love the easel for Will -- what a great idea on so many levels. I'm happy to see that yarn still (I will be sorry when it's all gone!). I'd forgotten about the stuffed cat pattern -- it is such a cool idea! I love that you included a fun stop with the errands -- makes great memories for everyone along with the mundane!

  3. Whoa....that's a big snake. We don't see them often here but when I do I run too!
    That kitty is so cute! I've got a stuffy in the planning stages too. Daughter asked me for one but I am terrible at making little things.

  4. I didnt know there were so many pythons in Florida that can be deadly. I love your cat plants. Her patterns are so wonderful. I had a friend who knit many of them

  5. Looks like Will learned his snake lessons well. What a good boy!

    Did you go to Fran's for the yarn? I was wondering if that shop was still open.


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